Everything Can Change | Points of View

Everything Can Change

After a 5 year hiatus from the studio, The Other Brothers have produced some fresh material with their sophomore effort, Everything Can Change. And as the title hints, the approach is a little different this time. The collection of 11 songs includes some modest and measured use of drums and electric guitars, and the boys even take a shot at arranging a 16th century madrigal.

That said, the Brothers have by no means abandoned the simple and sweet sound characterized by their debut. Long-time collaborator Bill Western – now an official member – is present as always, creating pure and fluid textures of pedal steel, and central to everything are the vocal harmony arrangements and performances of Donovan Giesbrecht and Chris Neufeld.

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Donovan Giesbrecht – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
Chris Neufeld – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, piano
Bill Western – Pedal Steel, bass, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar

Additional Musicians:
Mike Hiebert – Drums and Percussion
Kayla Drudge – Violin

All songs by The Other Brothers except “Lady Your Words Do Spite Me” by John Wilbye (1598, No. 18 from The 1st Set of Madrigals)

Points of View

Chris Neufeld and Donovan Giesbrecht joined in 2010 to create an intimate, musical duo, placing priority on song and voice. The recorded result, Points of View, is a fine collection of stories and melodies that is sure to impress more than a few. The clear intent of the album was to keep arranging to a minimum, allowing the songs to carry by their own merit; acoustic guitars, pedal steel, and the occasional banjo is all that accompanies the melodies and harmonies.

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Donovan Giesbrecht – vocals, guitar, banjo (Points of View, Second Wind)
Chris Neufeld – vocals, guitar
Bill Western – pedal steel, banjo (Second Wind)
Darren Day – additional vocals (Okay)
Mike Petkau – additional vocals (Okay)